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Their partner for Bergo-linings

BERGO Farben

Elite Farben XL Farben Champion Farben
Elite Farben XL Farben Champion Farben
Marine Farben Premium Farben Multisport Farben
Marine Farben Premium Farben Multisport Farben
Royal Farben Elite Farben Tennis Farben
Royal Farben Elite marmoriert Tennis Farben
Mit dieser Internetpräsenz möchten wir Ihnen den BERGO-SYSTEM-BODEN mit seinen unterschiedlichen Platten-Typen vorstellen und Ihnen Grundsätzliches zu diesen Bergo-System-Bodenplatten vermitteln: Bei der Auswahl eines Bodens für Sportstätten, Events, Messen oder für eine bestimmte Veranstaltung muß man folgende Faktoren in Erwägung ziehen: die richtige Oberfläche für den entsprechenden Einsatzzweck, bzw. Sportart, der Unterhalt, die Reinigung, die Verlegung, die Wiederaufnahme und natürlich das Erscheinungsbild.

NEU! Verlege-Tips per Video-Clips!
BERGO Decksbeläge mit System!
Schnelle Montage, langlebig, rutschhemmend, abriebfest, UV- und Klima stabilisiert, leicht zu reinigen, geringe Unterhaltskosten, ansprechendes Erscheinungsbild!

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BERGO-Böden für Messen, Ausstellungen, Events und als Schutzbelag für Parkett!
Dekorative Farben, umpfangreiches Zubehör, belastbar, pflegeleicht, schnell verlegt und wieder aufgenommen! Neu: Spezial-Beschichtungen nach Ihren Wünschen: Marmorierungen, Holz-Dekor, 3D-Motive nach Vorgaben, etc. für innen und außen ideal geeignet!
Dekorative Balkon- und Terrassenbeläge!
Der vielseitige BERGO-System-Boden mit Drainage für: Balkon, Terrasse, Bier- und Cafegarten, Poolumrandung, Garage, Keller, Waschküche, Sauna, u.v.m.

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National-Flaggen im Boden
Gestalten Sie Ihren Balkon, Terrasse, Party-Zeltboden oder Ihren Veranstaltungs- und Eventboden für den Puplic-viewing-areal selbst!
Mit unserem Bergo-System-Boden, Typ ROYAL, lassen sich alle National-Flaggen realisieren.
Weitere Beispiele
Bergo-Sport-Boden - Die Nr. 1 auf dem Platz! -
Für: Inline-Hockey, Street-Hockey, Eis-Hockey, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Aerobic, Badminton, Leichtathletik, Tennis, u.v.a. Sportarten.

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Bergo TENNIS mit neuer Court Pace Classification durch den ITF 24.06.2010, 07:29
Die Technische Kommission des ITF International Tennis Federation hat den Bergo TENNIS Sportboden bewertet und in der Geschwindigkeits - Gruppe 5 eingestuft und klassifiziert!... (read more)

Pressemitteilung 01.12.2008, 12:11
Das zur TUI gehörende Kreuzfahrtschiff, die MS COLUMBUS, wurde mit dem neuen schwer entflammbaren BERGO MARINE-DECKSBELAG neu belegt. Die hierfür eingesetzen BERGO-System-Decksplatten wurden nach der neuesten EU-Brandklasse für Kunststoffböden, EN... (read more)

Angebot des Monats
Bergo Elite Bergo Elite

Bergo Flooring has developed a wide range of flooring products for different environments. Elite is specially developed for usage areas such as: Office environments, conservatories, terraces, storage rooms, recreation/hobby-rooms and other residential applications.

 The fashionable modular flooring system with covered surface. Easy to install, Durable Attractive, Withstands heavy loads For indoors and out, Easy to move Minimal maintenance.


Decking used in the garage

The Bergo Flooring System, with non-slip knobs on the surface of silver-gray in color, had located about 5 years on a deck of the Crusader and has found its future use now in a garage in Hamburg. This floor system of PP plastic, a long-cherished wish of the customer was satisfied. The floor in the garage has optically again get a good look, the dripping rain and snow and mud running beneath the surface from the bottom drainage system of the floorboards! Shoes stay dry and clean.

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Secure entrance to the basement

The entrance to the basement installed tiles were unsightly with time in dry weather we had, depending Schuhbesohlung, reasonably fit. In rain and snow, the smooth tiles were but for an accident and presented with visitors out an extreme danger! The security officer of the Condominium Council knew and ordered Bergo tiles from our special offer, type EXCELLENCE / MARINE, with dimpled surface, in silver gray. The assembly and the required cutting were done quickly, to test the whole area was raised from individual floor plates and parked sideways, the now easy to perform cleaning in the future should not stand in the way.

Bergo ROYAL am Timmendorfer Strand!

Nachdem die umfangreichen Arbeiten zum Küstenschutz am Timmendorfer Strand fast beendet waren, wurden auch die Standorte der Häuschen von den Strandkorbvermietern neu angelegt. Hierbei wurden auch Versorgungsleitungen für Duschen, Strom und Abwasser neu verlegt.

Ökologische Sportanlage für Sportunion - Kärnten

The Ecological Theatre
The SPORTUNION - Carinthia ordered by the company a multi-sports complex for sports handball, football, basketball, volleyball and inline hockey, was applied to the soil and compacted sand Geotextilgewebe.

Stocksport auf Bergo MULTISPORT

After the construction of new sports facilities in Klagenfurt, the possibility has been tested to run on the curling MULTISPORT flooring.
After initial skepticism, and the first litters the floor by an employee of the Sports Union, came to quite enjoy. Then instruct the Section was
to the scene asked who carried out some tests also now and then enthusiastically asked about the game markers.

It was clearly an excellent sliding properties of the stick on MULTISPORT confirmed and found to be highly recommended. Plans for a curling facility now run at full operation!

Curling now have a new, licensed by the IFI summer train

On 2 November 2011 was the curling of the SV Hienheim Hadrian, in Neustadt on the Danube, in the club's gym floor, a test train, consisting of the designed system is compatible with soil type MULTISPORT. The Bergo Multisport was introduced as a new sports ground floor, for evaluation by the IFIs. The management of the evaluation was the head of the technical test, Dipl.-Ing. Max Moritz.
Acceptance report view

The sports ground Bergo Multisport is very pleasant to play on, ie, the range of different summer soles comes better advantage than in many other sports surfaces. He also swallows running noise more than most other sports flooring.
The color designs discussed with the target fields in silver gray, light gray in between playing fields and secondary areas and borders in dark blue or light blue, gives an interesting color scheme. The price structure was 30, - € and is shown to be described as interesting - to 35.
For hall floors, this floor covering sports bring as a variable, interesting addition to the stick sports.
When covering outdoors, the influence of UV radiation and temperature gradients are solved, which can solve the firm MM MARK MIKHAIL by a 10-year warranty and the use of expansion boards, which by a number of projects in nearly 20 years of practice was demonstrated.

Result of the test:
The Inspection Services, the IFI may assess under the above criteria using the Bergo Multisport Sports ground floor as a summer sports flooring positive.

EXPO Mobil – mobile Tanzfläche und modularer Messeboden

EXPO mobile floor plates are a better alternative for conventional cassette timber floors and the first choice for rental companies and professionals in the catering industry. Lightweight, easy to install and quickly degrade black this incomparable surfaces in wood tones such as maple, oak and teak, as well as stone effects in marble glossy, slate glossy white and black slate gloss, or simply in white and black, also available textile surfaces with hard-wearing carpet in 5 colors to choose from. With the patented Snap-Lock Closure System ® floor is always EXPO mobile flooring installed quickly and easily. Assembly and disassembly without tools!
With more than 6 different styles and colors, dozens of creative possibilities are virtually unlimited. Designed for both indoor and outdoor areas (shaded) are suitable. The weather-resistant portable EXPO floor tiling will not warp or fade due to sunlight, it is easy to clean and handle. EXPO-mobile is the best flooring for hotels and guesthouses without permanently installed dance floors and can be used as needed in different rooms for smaller gatherings and events.
As a mobile trade show floor for exclusive elegant EXPO booths of mobile with its high-gloss surfaces in slate, marble and wood looks really indispensable. In the catering department with high standards is also ideal as a mobile EXPO flooring for tents.
Fast return on your investment (4-times rent!) Is facing a factory warranty of up to 10 years warranty!
Users of mobile EXPO floor areas appreciate the following benefits:
- The dance floor is available for a short
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Saves half the time and so many additional hours
- This product is of excellent quality
- Is easy to maintain
- Is compared with other types of dance floor space your product the best thing so far ....
- Also looks good even after many years of
- 3 types of wood (maple, teak, oak)
- 3 types of stone (black marble, slate, slate, white)
- 5 colors with carpet surfaces
- Long warranty period of 10 years
- Fast re-investment in rental
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Schnelle Boden-Montage in Verkaufshalle

Sales hall with Bergo ELITE plastic floor
The customer brauchtee for. It leases, 700 square meter, a quick sale Hall to install hall floor that is used immediately after installation and easy
Moreover it needs the flooring abrasion resistant and resistant to the heavy loads, and by public transport the goods with a forklift truck.